Mythic Beastlord Darmac

Logs Here! 

Thoughts on the fight:

  • Killing Wolf first is much less raid damage.  Having less tantrums is easier to deal with and allows you to save more CD’s for the hardest parts later in the fight
  • BoP DPS/Tanks with 2+ stacks of Rend, early on you can heal through it, later on don’t risk leaving the DoT on.
  • Be ready for the Dragon dance.  Dodge breath, Pinned, Dispell Conflag.  Repeat.  Being smooth with this helps a ton.  VERY IMPORTANT:  Have a way to see Conflag and dispell that only, ignore the breath HoT, and makes sure other healers can do the same.
  • The adds that come out are stunable.  Really lowers tank damage if you have a stun rotation.
  • Worst part of fight is when Darmac jumps off the dragon.  Will have breath, Conflag, Rend, Pinned, Tantrum all in a row within 15sec of dismounting.  Have many raid cds.
  • Final burn is a race to kill him before too many tantrums and dps gib deaths from breath, epicenter, pinned damage, rend etc.  Have mana to dump to keep DPS up so he can die.

I thoroughly enjoyed the fight.  Only down side was swapping to Wolf first really lowers your healing Parse.  I tracked Raw healing through the fight progression since there was so much time topped off and spamming over-heals on tanks to keep them alive.  I am a fan of using Raw Healing to judge my ability to pump out sustained heals while doing boss mechanics while being able to ignore things like shields and periods of too many heals/little damage.




Plus Episode 92 is up in the player or available on itunes here.


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Trinket Chart Updates with 6.1 and T17 Set Bonus Total Healing Charts

I have 2 charts now.  One with current Stat Wt’s but with Spirit Valued at 1.0 (like before) and one with Spirit worth 0.5.  Not everyone values spirit equally based on healing style so for those that want to value it equal to other secondaries I have the other chart available.

Also, after my last post there was some confusion about how our Tier 17 set bonus scales better with Divine Purpose and thus must “pull ahead” of the other talents.  It starts so far down it can’t make up the difference.  Plus, it is important to remember LoD/WoG/EF are a small part of our healing now.  We cast them so infrequently, and they are just glorified Holy Lights anyway, and thus more, although nice, isn’t game breaking.  Here is the #1 Holy Pally Parse on Heroic Gruul.  Notice EF is only 10% of his healing (not including mastery shields).  Here are the HPS breakdowns for different specs at 670 ilvl with 2pc and 4pc:

Also about the cap chart I posted before.  They are soft caps.  The value of Crit/Haste does not go to zero once the cap is reached, only the point at which it starts to loose value when Avenging Wrath is up.  Haste and Crit will still have full value the rest of the time.

1MEHlogoAlso newest episode of My Epic Heals is up on the player on the right.  Or can download and subscribe at:

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BRF Stat Wts – Healing Rotations – 6.1 Updates – Crit and Haste Caps

Taken from Blizzard's Website - Edited with MS-Paint!

Taken from Blizzard’s Website – Edited with MS-Paint!

Going to get right to it.

I have remodeled my spreadsheets to include Sanctified Wrath, Holy Avenger, Divine Purpose, and Sanctified Wrath with Merciful Wrath Glyph.  I have modeled all the previous variations but to compare them not to derive stat wts. and set bonuses.  My previous stat wt.s have been based on our baseline rotation.  What this didn’t do was look at soft caps in Haste and Crit when you use a buff that puts you up to, on, or past the caps.  These caps are 100% Holy Shock crit and 50%+ haste which caps our GCD reduction.  I still have values for just the normal “rotation” but also overall based on your talent choices.

Tons of info there.  Like too much.  Here are some of the conclusions I have drawn from this:

  • Crit and Haste stat values do in fact diminish with Sanctified Wrath talent without Merciful Wrath Glyph.  Crit is mostly still best, but it becomes a wash with mastery.  Haste drops below the “others” (Versatility and Multistrike).
  • Crit and Haste retain their high value with Sanctified Wrath talent with Merciful Wrath Glyph.  The glyph basically retains our stat value ratios and reduces any “loss of stats”.  This shouldn’t be confused with more HPS however.  See below.
  • Using Merciful Wrath is a theoretical HPS loss despite its ability to retain our stats.  I showed this many months ago, but it is so useful to have Wings up every 90 seconds I disregarded the “math”.  The biggest reason for this is the reliability of infusion procs and the HS CD reduction.  Without Merciful Wrath you can do a HS-HL rotation which is more HPS than the HS-HL-HL rotation which will require at least 1 non infusion proc HL if not 2.  So it is the change in mechanics that drops the HPS.  So you get it up 2x as much, but when it is up it isn’t just 50% less strong, it is also less rotationally fluid.  But like all things in healing, it isn’t about theoretical HPS, it is about healing people when the need it to match the encounter and thus different fights and raid comps may still favor Merciful Wrath Glyph.
  • Sacred Shield is still slightly ahead of Eternal Flame on the tables and the mana cost has come down (once 6.1 is live) to be closer to EF.  To get the higher numbers you do need to do 2 things:  1.  Need a 3rd target for SS that is useful.  Just using 2 SS on tanks will cause you to loose some of the HPS you gain from the talent.  2.  Is LoD has to hit 6 targets.  As a quick comparison LoD average healing is about 63k per cast.  WoG is 50k and EF is 80k.  If you are missing targets with LoD or having to use WoG you again lose your buffer over EF.  Eternal flame isn’t always optimal, but in general you will always have a target in need of EF due to limited holy power generation compared to SS where you might not need that 3rd charge of SS.
  • Beacon of Insight.  WTF.  Now, I am not pumped with the modeling of it, and this is for 6.1 changes, but man does it have potential and worth another look.  40% buff to a direct heal.  Even though it is unlikely our EF will utilize it, and it wont work with LoD/SS, and Prism, but most of our healing is from Holy Light and Holy Shock.  So if this plays out as a reasonable play style and you can actually hit the Insight target most of the time this will be very strong.  Now if you are on a tank healing role and both tanks are tanking consistent damage, it won’t be as strong, but for fights with one tank taking damage and lots of raid spot healing.  Worth seeing it play out.

ZOMG Set Bonuses!  Wait, DPS get priority?  Well, it isn’t that good anyway:

In the above charts I have the % HPS our set bonus is worth as well as the Intellect Value and its Spirit Value (since we get more free casts from procs it has a spirit value).  One thing you will see is the 2pc is useless for EF.  We rarely cast LoD with EF, and thus the proc has little value.  For SS both 2pc and 4pc are useful with most of the benefit coming from 2pc.  You will also see Divine Purpose has great synergy with the set bonuses.  The downside being it is still the lowest HPS of all our specs and still has the issue that the procs are random.  Going from a 680 chest to a 695 will net you 40 intellect+ secondaries.  The average 4pc with EF will be worth 89 Int and 109 Spirit.  So if you have a couple pieces that are higher iLvL and contemplating keeping the set bonus, or are contemplating going down in iLvL for a tier piece it will be worth it within reason, but only if subbing a couple pieces for the 4 set.  You can use the same methodology for SS but you only need 2pc to get most of the gain.

Average of Specs at 670 ilvl

Average of Specs at 670 ilvl

I also wanted to share the soft caps for haste and crit based on talent and glyphs.  Although they are not make or break, they do have some effect on their value in relation to other stats.

Soft Caps

Soft Caps

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New info for BRF, New Tier Set Bonuses, and 6.1 Info coming soon, like today.

I have been more busy than I would like, but I have poured some serious time into redoing my spreadsheet to better model raid healing and to include the use of CD’s and work in crit caps as well as put a value to our new raid set bonuses.  I also have it set up to better change stats, over-healing etc. to offer more specific numbers to the wide range of raiding experiences holy pallies have.

Just finishing up the Beacon of Faith 6.1 changes tonight, however not completely clear on how to model it since it is so uncontrolled!

Because I am a die hard, life long, live and die by the Patriots fan I will post this.  Which will also work for anyone that just wiped at 1% on an end boss:


100k health left, kill it….


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Mythic Ko’ragh Kill Video

Things I found helpful:

  • Purity was helpful for soaking the orbs, could have used it much more
  • Being able to track Expel Magic: Fel, Expel Magic: Fire, and Expel Magic: Shadow was very helpful
  • If you run Merciful Wrath you can AW about 5sec before the pull and it will be up for every Shadow debuff.
  • Use Divine Shield and Protection liberally as a defensive.
  • Fight is short enough to use Flash of Light liberally post Frost and during Shadow/Fire.
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Challenge Mode Stat Wt. Update and Trinket List

Lady > Lord

Lady > Lord

With the recent haste change (90 rating for 1% from 100 rating) the stat wt.s have changed some and thus needed an update.  I also wanted to make a trinket list with all the trinkets scaled to 630.  My stat wt.s are based on a typical Challenge Mode Healing rotation which is Flash of light.  I assumed:

  • Flash of Light is the primary healing spell
  • Holy Shock on CD
  • Eternal Flame or Sacred Shield on the tank only
  • Half of the Flash of Lights are on the Tank with a beacon, and 1/2 are spot healing.
  • No Beacon Talent Taken.  Free to take Saved by the Light, but Also can take Beacon of Faith for some enhanced spot healing, but the name of the game tank healing in CM’s.

I also had to value Spirit, which is always tough, because sometimes you don’t need more mana, some times you cant get enough.  Typically CM fights are short enough you can spam FL till the pack/boss is dead and you drink while the group runs ahead.  But to be sure I looked at the healing cost of our rotation and our mana pool with base regen.  I compared time to OOM with no spirit on gear with approximate max spirit on gear:

  • No Spirit Spending 3000 MPS:  78 Seconds
  • Full Spirit Spending 3000 MPS:  90 Seconds

So we can gain 12 seconds of healing before OOM.  At about 31k HPS we will do about 355k more healing.  If we converted the spirit into Haste/Crit/Mastery we would do about 129k more healing before going OOM.  That would make spirit worth about 2.75 times more valuable than Haste/Crit/Mastery, but still less than intellect.  Now if you don’t go oom Spirit is worth nothing.  But in all likelihood you will make use of that extra spirit and be able to keep the FL spam going longer and do more healing than if you had secondary stats instead.  That gives us the following chart:

Challenge Mode Stat Wt.

As for trinkets?  Much easier to make a list of CM trinkets since there are no warforged, socket, or 42 different raid difficulty variations to chart out.

CM Trinket List

Updated 1/19/15


That Candle!  Also, just like MoP, the alchemy trinket is great, however you need to be using draenic mana potions during fights to maximize it.  Many are in BF and not yet available, but if you have Candle and DMF trinket, you are rocking.

BiS Gear list?  I would put together a list, but there is no easy way to use AskMrRobot or WoWHead to search items scaled to 630.  You can bring up the stats if you go through gear 1 at a time, but it would take centuries to go through all the variations.  In the end the stats are so close to each other you can do well with any variation, even pieces with versatility, the total % variation is going to be small.  As an example:

Total Stat Wt. of perfectly itemized piece:  226

Total Stat Wt. of worst itemized pieces:  242

Percent difference:  6.5%

That is as big of a difference you are going to get.  If you have a piece with say Versatility and Crit, worst and almost best stats, it is 3.6% worse than a perfectly itemized piece.  Peanuts compared to the elephant, which is great tank/group stun and cooldown usage!


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Thanks Blizz for the Awesome 10 Years!


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Stat Wt. Update for Haste Buff:

Finally got around to doing the stat wts.  Also combined the style of fights, Margok vs Butcher, based on the basic over-healing I have been seeing on logs to one average amount.  Under-healing, healing with many disc priests will change the over-healing a little, but this is pretty average.

Average Stat Wt. For Raiding Content.  Updated 1/15/15 Post Haste Buff

Average Stat Wt. For Raiding Content. Updated 1/15/15 Post Haste Buff

Stat Wt. for Raiding Content at various ilvls.  Post Haste Buff 1/15/15.

Stat Wt. for Raiding Content at various ilvls. Post Haste Buff 1/15/15.

Before the buff to haste scaling we saw Haste below Mastery and close to Multi and Versatility.  Now we see it basically on par with Mastery.  Crit is still king.

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Media Update

Mythic kill videos are up on the video page for Twins, Brackenspore, Tectus, and Butcher.

Newest My Epic Heals, episode 90, is playable on the side bar.

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Holy Prism: Know when to hold, know when to spam them…

Did you know Kenny Rogers played a Paladin?

Did you know Kenny Rogers played a Paladin?

Holy Prism is our most powerful spell.  For something we can only cast every 20 seconds it can be our top direct heal.  In the past I have always advocated for spamming this spell because under-using it is a big mistake and for the most part there have always been 5 targets to accept the heal.  However, as people gear up, people perfect mechanics, and raids better utilized cool-downs there are more opportunities to cast Holy Prism when no one needs the heal.  So do you use it anyway or wait for enough damage to cast it?  How long should one wait before they end up losing HPS?

It is a pretty quick thing to look at.  I took our Holy Prism, Boss the Target, and added up its healing for iLvL 670 including all stats like multistrike, crit, raid buffs, mastery, and Beacon of Faith.  For the sake of easy comparison and airing on the side of casting on DC I figured 0% beacon over-healing and 0% mastery over-healing.  I then looked at 0%, 50%, and 100% over-heal on the direct heal.  Below is my table:

Definitely Hold'em!

Definitely Hold’em!

What we can see is pretty clear.  This ain’t a spell to spam anymore (if raid spends time topped off).

  • A perfectly utilized Prism is worth 200k healing.  65K if everyone is at 100% and you just get beacon and mastery shields.
  • Typical over-healing on Prism if spammed during raid is 30-50% which makes a Prism heal for 66% of a perfectly utilized Prism.
  • You could wait over a minute on your Prism and get more healing timing 1 great Prism over it spamming with high to full over-heal.
  • At typical over-healing numbers you can wait 30 seconds between Prism casts, or 10 sec after it comes off CD, and still get similar healing spamming compared to timing.

Moral of the story?  Don’t feel obligated to cast on CD if the raid is topped off.  Wait till there is raid damage.  If there is some damage out and a big spike is coming, hold onto that Prism, it will be more net healing and more healing when it is needed most.  Beacon and Mastery from a full over-heal Prism isn’t enough to justify the cast.  The real mistake would be to sit on it so long you don’t use it, so that has to be avoided, but when Prism comes up ask yourself, is the raid going to take a new spike of damage in the next 10 seconds?  If so, hold it!

I talk frequently about a “healing rotation” as it is a good metric to determine spell selection, stats, spec, etc.  However, healing is reactive and about saving lives, and this is a great example of using the right spell at the right time is more important than a steady stream of raw underutilized healing.

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