Trying to assign numbers to the 5.4 Changes – In Progress

5.4 Comparison

I logged on the PTR and gave myself:  Food Buff, Flask (Intellect), Blessing of Might, Mark of the Wild.  I then used the tool-tips (did some healing to check for errors, should be correct) to find out what all of the new heals are doing.  I then played with a few rotations to make sure they actually would work and put together theses charts.  I did one set forged Mastery and one Haste.  My item level is 545 and am 13/13 in 10 mans.

Few Notes:  I am assuming no over-heal and 100% mastery shield usage.  This is a raw output setup.  So for comparison of output from other classes would be a mistake, but within our own rotational comparisons we can assume similar over heal and mastery usage from setup to setup.

For Sacred Shield usage I assumed you would do one SS after every HP finisher.  This is about 7 sec so really you would alternate after every other.  Could be better to use it on CD and interrupt your rotation but looking at the raw healing down per GCD I am not sure it is worth it to delay the HP finishers.  Thus, I counted SS as half in the rotation since you would be doing it half the time in the rotation.

I have my full charts below and the comparison chart above.  I was very skeptical about Selfless healer and Haste and now it looks like I need to take it more seriously.  We are far from done with 5.4 tweaks but here is some cold hard math on heals and rotations.  I will do my best to redo the numbers when we have significant changes.  I will also “model” other rotations as people suggest them.




Mastery 5.4

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