Revisiting 5.4 Changes

I went back on the PTR and got myself a Kings, Mastery, Haste, Spell Power, Flask, and Food Buff.  I put together a Mastery/Spirit and Haste Spirit Set and looked at all the healing values for each spell.  I took my average over-heal numbers from Live/PTR and applied it to my healing table that takes into consideration Beacon, Illuminated Healing, LvL 90 talent.  I then ran the numbers per rotation.  Note:  You will see each rotation has a partial Prism/Sacred Shield as they have longer CD’s than the rotation so each rotation gets a percent of the Prism/Sacred Shield Use.  Other than looking at the healing numbers for each spec and haste/mastery I also looked at number of Holy Radiance and Light of Dawn targets.

Green'ish > Blue > Red

Green’ish > Blue > Red

I think there are 2 main points here:

1.  Haste is scaling better than Mastery in both SS and EF and there is little difference between the two with SH.

2.  Eternal Flame is not reliant on stacked healing and even maximally stacked EF performs better than SS/SH.

Less Major points but other things I found when looking at the numbers were:

  • A 0% over-heal LoD on 6 targets is equal to a 50% over-heal Eternal Flame.
  • Amplification trinket with raid buffs added 1-2% on Mastery/Haste totals.
  • Maintaining a double holy radiance rotation adds 7-8k HPS bonus due to the 2nd stack of Day Break (accounting for the high over-heal).
  • HPS rankings for heals are:  EF > Prism > Sacred Shield > LoD > WoG > Flash of Light > Holy Shock > Holy Radiance > Divine Light > Holy Light

What I didn’t get to look at was a Gem/Reforge out of Spirit bulid for SH.  PTR when down so that is a later project but I only see that build being competitive with stacked fights and a 2nd set of gear.

My full Mastery and Haste charts are here:

Haste Build

Haste Build

Mastery Build

Mastery Build

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