Re-Revisit of 5.4 – Added No Spirit SH build and Haste Break Points


Look for the correct chart in above post.

Quick Synopsis:

  • Dropping Spirit like it’s hot with Selfless Healer will top output when HR and LoD hit 6 targets.  But if you loose LoD targets it drops quickly.
  • For Sacred Shield there is little gain or difference in stacking Mastery/Haste.  Break points for extra SS tick was meaningless.
  • There is no clear benefit from hitting the EF breakpoints either (15%, 25%, 35%, 45%) largely due to the fact so much of our healing is based on how many targets our HR hits more so than the extra EF tick.
  • EF continues to look the most versatile tier 45 talent but its scaling with haste is not linear and sticking with Mastery will give the most reliable HPS boost.
  • SH can be very powerful and is the least mana intensive spec but to pull it off you need a stacked raid.  For 25man if you can count on 6 targets getting hit by LoD/HR you won’t be in a bad place in comparison to say, SS.
  • Going no spirit leaves you with 4k less mp5.  SH spec is 11k mp5 cheaper to execute than EF rotation with double HR.
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2 Responses to Re-Revisit of 5.4 – Added No Spirit SH build and Haste Break Points

  1. Erythmia says:


    Thanks for doing so much work with maths. Is there any chance you could show us the percentage each heal, IH included naturally, does, in each of your builds?

    • bouchbagette says:

      IH is the % mastery you have. 40% mastery puts a 40% of your heal shield on the target. The mastery % is listed in each build. I have figured 15% overheal (what I got on ptr). Live is 10% but without EF to roll shield more is wasted.

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