*Updated* Stat Weights – Not what I expected!

I sent forth to put a value on our major stats.  Using my nifty healing rotation table updated with averages from logs I charted out predicted healing output with various stat changes and plotted the % gain in healing output per 1000 stat points.  See chart below:

Table of Numbers

Table of Numbers

I then averaged it on the value of intellect to get relative stat weights.  My results are below:

To Mr. Robot!

To Mr. Robot!

As you can see intellect is no longer top dog even at a 1 to 1 ratio.  I had previously shown going pure intellect was not an output gain due to the stats on gems being 2 to 1 for secondary stats but this now puts them close to on par even at a 1 to 1 ratio.  Additionally I noticed that hitting a haste break-point (25, 35, 45, 55%) bumps the value of haste up by a significant amount but even without the BP haste is still a great stat… *Unill you go past 55% BP.  The reason for this is you loose GCD reduction past 50% which is a major part of what makes haste great.

My above stat weights are my best attempt at an overall evaluation for someone that has taken EF and rolls EF on 203 targets and uses EF blankets for large sustained damage and LoD for short bursts of damage.  This means over-heal numbers of 15% on mastery shields, 60% on Beacon/Holy Radiance and 55% on EF.  Different fights, healing partners, and certainly favoring LoD will change these numbers.  But if you are a EF roller with triage on your mind I am confident in my numbers.

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2 Responses to *Updated* Stat Weights – Not what I expected!

  1. Akycha says:

    Hey there,

    Thank you for this insightful post. I’ve been twiddling about with haste breakpoints and I’m currently on the 45% BP. I really feel that my healing has improved quite a bit. The only thing I feel is necessary is a bit of extra spirit (but that’s mostly gear related).

    The one question I do have, is that I do not understand the drop of the value of haste past the 55% BP. I understand we go beyond the GCD but this should not be significant for the EF ticks and the speed cast time of spells like HR and/or our static heals, no? Or am I missing something?

    Let’s say I go for the 8 ticks EF Haste breakpoint (74.98%), what you are trying to say is that the value of haste will be less than mastery? So the distribution would be Haste (55%) > Mastery > Intellect > spirit ?

    Does this also mean that gems like +60 int / + 180 haste are worse than + 320 haste gems, even if that means we’ll lose a socket bonus (int)? Or is this pushing it a bit too far?

    Kind regards,
    Akycha – Emerald Dream

  2. bouchbagette says:

    Great question. I was irritated by the fact the stat value dropped so much at 55%, seemed too dramatic. Realized I didn’t do a good job at the 45% haste item stats to normalize haste about 50% for the non-reduction in GCD. I redid my chart and you see a much less dramatic decline in the value of Haste but still a steady decline after 50% haste. I will make a new post on this tonight/today.

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