Spirit as a Throughput Stat! – Sorta

As a thought exercise I took the stats from 3 random holy paladins at various item levels: 520, 550, and 570.  I put in their stats, raid buffed them, then ran my throughput numbers for an EF build doing a strict HR-HR-HS-EF rotation while using Holy Prism on CD.  Typical over-healing numbers were used like 50% for beacon and 10% for illuminated healing.  I then took their spirit levels 13k, 15k, and 17k and found out how long they could go before they went OOM with 25%, 35%, and 45% haste levels.  My results are below:

3 Common Item Levels and Output and Oomput

3 Common Item Levels and Output and Oomput

The two major things I drew from these charts were:

  • How much of a total output gain going up an Eternal Flame break-point is worth over a minute of healing.
  • How extra seconds of before OOM turn into healing.

You can clearly see the output gained by not going OOM.  You can less so clearly see the extra output of Haste (the lower haste builds used all of the extra stats as mastery) over higher mastery builds.  You can also see the huge difference gear makes in output in that 570 ilvl does about 75% more healing than 520 ilvl!

My last important point is that if you don’t OOM in a fight, because you should never heal as a strict HR-HR-HS-EF rotation, then you gain no healing with higher spirit/less haste.  So it comes down to throughput when you need it (mostly).  But going 25% haste to 45% is worth 5% more healing on average.  But if you OOM you risk to lose 10% healing. Less risk than mortgage backed securities!

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5 Responses to Spirit as a Throughput Stat! – Sorta

  1. Sebastian says:

    I think there might be a mistake in the 550 ilvl numbers – it seems as though you take longer to OOM at 45% haste than at 35%, which doesn’t make sense to me?

  2. AliPally says:

    I only raid casually now, as I mostly pvp, but when I’m doing 25s, it seems HR is not hitting that many people on a lot of fights, especially when people are spread out. When I look at the meters, I see Priests blowing me away with at least double my healing. Am I doing something wrong by using HR-HS-EF as you are suggesting, even when I seem to be hitting 6 or 7 people at most a lot of the time?

    • bouchbagette says:

      As you can see from here: http://www.raidbots.com/dpsbot/#0000000000000000000000000000111111 Pallies are not really keeping up with other healers, especially Priests in 25man. But we are certainly not 1/2 of their healing. I prefer to do EF with 3 holy power, so my rotation is more HR-HR-HS-EF so part of your issue might be doing 2 HP EF’s, but during low points of damage you can pull off 1-2 HP EF’s. But HR is not going to hit a full 6 targets all the time but in 25man it is going to be more often than 10man. HR is primarily used as a HP generator so be smart about where it goes but it is really your EF placement that maters. Only other thing I can recommend is go SH and do LoD spam to put out mastery shields. But it will suffer with spread fights.

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