Shockadin – Holy Paladin DPS – Min/Max’ing the Min.

When MoP hit I made the decision to level as Holy.  I wanted to make sure the quest rewards I got let me heal 5 mans right away and since I was leveling with a group I figured I could let my group pull crazy amounts of mobs.  All this was mostly true but I also found I could do okay DPS when I had all my CD’s up.

When Challenge modes first came out it became apparent healers that could DPS would be more valuable than non DPS healers because that was the nature of the CM’s – speed – and if your healer could DPS that made a big difference.  This type of healing has continued on through the expansion, especially with 10 man heroics where a healer that DPS can make a significant difference when DPS requirements are very tight.

Paladin’s problem is our DPS in not mana neutral, and our DPS makes our healing zero.  There is no healing down when we dps (minus tier 90 talents).  Thus we will never be much of a dps/healer in MoP and probably ever.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t do it!

Our 2 night raid team just started on Heroic Garrosh and we are having issues completing the first transition fast enough (need to push transition before Garrosh has 25 energy to avoid empowered whirls which means killing 15 Sha mobs in under 25 sec).  So I figured I would look to see what I could do to help.

Major things I wanted to find out were:

  • What Glyphs should I take
  • What Tier 75 talent should I take
  • What Tier 90 talent should I take
  • Whats the best rotation
  • What Stats should I stack
  • How much DPS should I expect to get to?

First off our glyph choices are:

  • Glyph of Denounce:  Holy Shock reduces Denounce cast time by 0.5 sec.  Stacks to 3.  –Since Denounce is a 1.5 second cast which is reduced by haste and equal to the GCD this is a useless glyph.  No benefit.
  • Glyph of Harsh Words:  Makes WoG a dps spell as well as a heal.  Not HoT/DoT applied by EF.  Glyph says it causes damage approx. equal to what it would have healed.  – This does not work as written unless they mean “Will do about 1/2 the damage it would have healed”.  I had to work out the spell damage modifier and base damage and it comes out to about 60% of the heal.  It offers little damage gain over denounce, it is more damage, but makes the rotation more clunky for little gain.  I don’t think it is worth it.
  • Glyph of Holy Shock:  increases the damage done by holy shock by 50%, reduces healing by 50%.  – I like that blizzard thinks our Holy Shock would be over powered if it didn’t come with a healing penalty.  Anyway, it is our best glyph for shockadin’ing.  Your healing is already crap if you are planning on dps’ing so take it.

Tier 75 Talents:

This one was complicated.  But it works out such that Sanctified Wrath is our winner.  You can Holy Shock more often and it crits more.  You can’t quite do a HS-Denounce rotation because there is about 0.3 second dead space but you can HS-D-D instead of HS-D-D-D.  It also last longer.  Holy Avenger is nice because you can Harsh Word more and your HS does more damage but it doesn’t do quite as much as Sanctified Wrath mostly because Harsh Word is such a small gain over Denounce.  Divine Purpose is nearly useless.  Gain 0.13% damage with it…

Tier 90 Talents:

For single target Execution Sentence does the most damage over a minute and it is free.  For AoE, Prism is top DPS from 2-5 mobs when targeting an ally and Lights Hammer is best for packs of 6+.  Light’s Hammer with 2 targets is better than Execution Sentence as well.

The Rotation:

It comes out to:

Holy shock – Denounce x 3.  (HS-D-D-D).  When you have Sanctified Wrath talent with Avenging Wrath up you will Holy Shock – Denounce x 2.  If you take Harsh Word for the marginal DPS gain you will Harsh Word after 3 rotations of HS-Dx3.

Stat Weights:

I took the best DPS set up I found and then moved stats around and compared them.  Intellect was king per stat point but again, gems are not 1 to 1.  Haste came out on top with crit about 1/2 of intellect.  The issue with haste is after 50% haste you go beyond the GCD cap.  So depending on your item level you want to get to 50% haste with reforging and then go all out intellect.  You will want to ditch all your mastery as it contributes nothing to our dps.


Since our DPS rotation will OOM us I looked at how spirit affects our ability to keep up the rotation.  Basically to get to a point where you can Denounce for the length of a fight you need 15k+ spirit.  With 15k spirit you will OOM after 4 minutes and 20k spirit will let you DPS for 9 minutes.

Closing thoughts:

I admit, hard to justify the use for this other than farm content and just plain for having fun.  I would say anyone trying top level in WoD has heals might make great use of this, but we don’t know most of the changes for WoD and this will likely be non-applicable.  But hey an excuse for another post.

With sub 2 minutes fights and pre-potting I bet we could break 150k.  Maybe with some nut-so RNG, light’s hammer aoe, caster DPS legendary cloak, and some DPS trinkets we can break 200k for a fight.  Not bad, but to get that kind of damage you and your DPS teammates ilvl would be so high the DPS around you will be doing 400k.  Alas…

Shockadin is back!

Shockadin is back!

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3 Responses to Shockadin – Holy Paladin DPS – Min/Max’ing the Min.

  1. Cremor says:

    Nice post, thanks! It’s always depressing to see the other healers in my raid (Disc and Monk) do good DPS and healing at the same time, let’s hope WoD changes something here for Paladins!

    I noticed one thing in your “Spells and Rotation” image. It shows a different damage number for Prism on Target and Prism on Self, but the same DPS. Is that correct?

    Also, have you compared Seal of Truth and Seal of Insight? Since Seal of Insight doesn’t reduce the CD of Holy Shock or the GCD of Denounce I assume it’s not that valueable for DPS? But to use Seal of Truth you’d have to add Judgment to the rotation. If that is viable, we could even use it to multi-DoT and it would also make the Glyph of Double Jeopardy usable.

    • bouchbagette says:

      Good Catch. Fixed. Changed the Tier 90 choices! Light’s Hammer for 6+ targets only. Prism for 2-5 targets. Minus of Prism is mana cost.
      Seal of Insight increases your casting speed by 10% and haste is still good for Shockadin. Seal of Truth does so little damage, as well as judgment and crusader strike it is not worth it to use. Judgment his for about 25k compared to 80k for denounce and uses the same GCD. And even if you were SH it is not like the Harsh Words does anything.

  2. Jackinthegreen says:

    Bit of a pity SH and J into Harsh Words came out bad. Also a shame that SimC doesn’t support it since Denounce isn’t even coded in. Here’s hoping we can actually do some decent hybrid DPS/healing in WoD, even if it’s just through Seal of Faith.

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