5.4 Trinket Rankings – Valuing the Heal Proc

This is hardly on time but here goes nothing:

My Proc's Have Value

My Proc’s Have Value

This table doesn’t need much explanation and I have deleted out much of the math as the table would take 3 monitors to see continuously.

For PPoP I scaled the trinkets to appropriate ilvls for the user.  Basically I assumed if you had a heroic trinket you had heroic gear.  If you had an Flex trinket i assumed Flex gear.  Obviously there are exceptions and if you are a much higher ilvl than your trinket than I am under valuing it because I am assuming you have less stats.  If you are a 570 geared player with bad luck and Flex PPoP you can take the Heroic value and subtract a 1000.

Siegecrafter Trinket scales with haste, but raw haste only and I assumed 7107 haste for all the trinkets except LFR which I valued at 3506.  Doesnt make much of a difference, but a little.

For Thok and Nazgrim trinkets the challenge was figuring out what value the healing procs were.  Basically I found out how much intellect it would take to increase your output by 1%.  Then compared that to the assumed total healing from the trinket procs.  These can vary wildly from 10 to 25 man, healing comps, and fight mechanics.  So what you can do is take the values listed and then manually adjust them based on the healing you are seeing from that trinket.

  • 560ish ilvl:  1% 435 Intellect
  • 550ish ilvl: 1% is 370 Intellect
  • 540ish ilvl 1% is 320 Intellect
  • 530ish ilvl 1% is 300 Intellect

As a disclosure I valued the stats using the following stat wt’s:

  • Intellect = 1
  • Mastery = 0.8
  • Haste = 0.8
  • Spirit = 0.8
  • Crit = 0.5

The values vary so much due to people picking different haste breakpoints and item levels, and need for spirit so I picked rough numbers.

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One Response to 5.4 Trinket Rankings – Valuing the Heal Proc

  1. Ryan says:

    Thank you so much for the work you do and making it available here. It is really appreciated!

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