Malkorok Healing: When Over Healing Is Your Friend

Malkorok is is an interesting fight.  A fight where the whole raid is taking damage from a DoT but every heal you do builds up a shield.  Basically it makes over-healing marginal to nonexistent.  This is the “Eternal Flame is King” fight in this tier.  SS and SH have nothing on EF on this fight.

The Eternal Malkoflame

The Eternal Malkoflame

So the question becomes what is our best builder for this fight?  Does our rotation change? How does the use of Divine Light and Flash of Light fit in.  On Heroic especially, you have to spread out and holy radiance almost becomes a single target heal when used outside of melee.  But it is the only heal we have without a CD that generates HP on any target.  To figure out if changes in the typical rotation can boost healing I set myself to the task of figuring out how much each of our major spells in question heal for.  This means direct healing, shields, beacon, and lastly does it contribute to making an EF?

Malkorok, Ender of Over Healing

Malkorok, Ender of Over Healing

What we see here is if you are not generating a Holy Power you are putting yourself at a major disadvantage.  1 EF heals for nearly a million healing on this fight.  If you aren’t working towards more EF’s than you are losing total output.  This takes non-beacon FL and DL out of the question.  You have to be generating HP on every cast.  But if you beacon swap you loose some beacon healing, and the tanks are definitely taking damage.

How does a DL or FL compare to a single target HR, or even a generous 4 target HR on this fight?  DL is the clear winner.  However, after looking into the Flash of Light Glyph recently we can see using FL on beacon with the glyph will boost your healing the most.  The initial heal is less, but the boost to EF is big enough to offset this.  So we know FL(on beacon on next target to get EF) > DL(on beacon) > HR for total healing gain per healing.  But what is the rotation?

HS-?-FL(on beacon)-EF(on FL target)

The issue here is we can’t do 2 beacon swaps in 1 rotation back to back.  There is a 3sec CD on Beacon.  So we have a few possible options:

  • HS->Divine light on tank/target that already has Beacon on it->Beacon Swap Flash of Light -> EF on FL target.
  • HS->Holy Radiance on any target, prefer melee->Beacon Swap Flash of Light -> EF on FL target.

Ideally we would just ping pong between the two rotations.  Which will allow us to always generate a HP and have all EF’s buffed while using DL as much as we can instead of HR.  Unfortunately it will be possible to over-heal the Beacon target if you are doing FL-EF-(hs someone else)-DL all on the same target if it isn’t a tank and thus we may need to sub the DL on previous beacon for a HR.  Confusing.  This is not a simple nor fluent rotation but mathematically the highest output for this fight.

If you bypass the Glyph of Flash of Light completely the moral of the story is DL on Beacon target instead of HR but don’t just use DL on non-Beacon targets because you need to be always working toward more EF’s.

Note:  For all beacon swaps it is assumed you will be using Glyph of Beacon of Light for non GCD swaps.

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2 Responses to Malkorok Healing: When Over Healing Is Your Friend

  1. AliPally says:

    It’s similar to pvp healing. Typically I Holy Shock my target, Beacon-swap to them, then use Flash to generate HP; if I get an Infusion of Light proc I use a Divine Light instead. That should give me 3 Holy Power to use on anyone who needs it.

    Typically I’m stacking Crit at the expense of Spirit, so in intense periods of healing this will bring me OOM pretty quickly, but at least in a BG I can sneak into the bushes and have a drink!

  2. Ryan says:

    I am trying to setup a Beacon of Light macro for use in Vuhdo but am having problems getting it working. It works when I’m in Org with one other person in my party. Beacon swaps properly and I generate 1 HP from the Divine Light in the macro but as soon as I join a raid in LFR to test this my Beacon shows it swapping targets but the following DL does not generate any HP.

    Anyone have any ideas on what the issue might be? I’ll post my macro below.

    /cast [@vuhdo] Beacon of Light
    /cast Divine Light

    This works 10)% perfect in org with one person in party but will not generate HP in raid. WTF.

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