Selfless Healer and Holy Avenger and You!

A while back i did a spreadsheet I never fully shared about Thok healing output.  I looked at EF vs SH for a fight with incessant interrupts.  I was looking at healing output with Holy Avenger and I looked at a rotation that included Judge and one that skipped it.  The thought was to use Holy Radiance instead of Judge during your CD’s to get more burst healing during your cooldown since judge does 0 healing.  I found it was close enough to not worry about the difference.  Figured it was finally worth sharing since I have a better CD model.

To Judge or not to Judge...  Who cares!

To Judge or not to Judge… Who cares!

The gist of it is:  Nearly no difference.  The reason being LoD is such a large percent of our total healing done during Holy Avenger that the difference in output between HR and Judge is negated by the increase in LoD generation.

Kitchen sink pulls ahead with Judge use because LoD is amazing with all our buffs.  With Holy Avenger and Divine Favor LoD is still king, but not nearly as much, so we see a swing toward using HR instead.  As a bonus (not shown) I looked at different haste levels and they made no impact on our output because the CD’s add so much haste we GCD cap on most things.

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One Response to Selfless Healer and Holy Avenger and You!

  1. romik says:

    I use in 10 man 3x (judgement + LoD and HS + LoD), 1x judgement + LoD and instant holy radiance.

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