Updating the Alpha Numbers: Rotations, Divine Plea, LvL 90 Talents

There were a couple changes to alpha recently that included:

  • Big buff (from previous version) to Eternal Flame (and Word of Glory).
  • Reduced Mana costs for all our spells (also reduced all other healers mana costs).
  • Huge nerfs to level 90 talents.  Less healing and more mana cost.

So here is a new table of projected healing that assumes (a ton) Beacon of Faith, 10% Mastery, 15% Haste, 10% Crit, 3584 Spell Power, and 0% over-healing (I don’t want to guess at this till I play the anticipated change in healing style).  Other random bits include a guesstimated 85k health pool (low confidence in this number) for non-tanks and 160k mana pool (I saw a spell that said 1% mana and cost 320 mana so I am guessing 32k mana is base before 400% additional mana with our spec specialization).

50% of the time I am right 100% of the time.

50% of the time I am right every time.

My thoughts on the above are:

  • Using HR as a HP generator is huge output gain.  Mana cost is ridiculous.  65% more healing but 260% more mana!
  • Eternal Flame is good again.  Particularly with double beacon.  I am over estimating the number because of we will have EF on a tank and we wont get all the beacon heals but it is still quite strong in terms of total possible throughput.
  • Sacred shield is the dark horse.  This still has potential especially if we find we need to use DP frequently.
  • Selfless healer is pretty dead.  I can’t see us ever using this with out making it a damage spec or making judge heal or have some sort of seal of insight interaction.
  • Using Divine plea instead of EF is a significant healing loss.  I have heard talk like “You can just use Divine Plea every time now because it is such an amazing mana generator and you will do huge healing”  but that just isn’t going to be true.  Using a conservative rotation of holy shock for holy power generation only will reduce mana costs by 36% but you will do 28% less healing.  If you use tower of radiance for holy power generation you will be mana positive but do 58% less healing.  There is NOOOOOOO way we are going to be willing to do 28-58% less healing sustained.  DP will not be “abused” in its current state.

Lastly I want to update our healing spells and level 90 talents with my thoughts:

New but less shiny

New but less shiny

  • Word of glory is closer to LoD healing.  Makes it a more interesting choice and keeps other LvL 45 talents alive.
  • Eternal Flame per cast is nearly equal to SS.  The x factor is over-healing and beacon utilization.
  • Light’s Hammer is still the most total healing but has a real mana cost.  Will heal about 20% of a lvl 100’s health x 6 targets.
  • Stay of Execution is 1/2 the total healing of Prism and Hammer but more mana efficient and will heal 40% of a players health.
  • Prism no longer looks like the go to heal.

As more is released I will keep posting!  Yeah for info!  WTB Beta!  WoD is going to kick ass!


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  1. Gribtar says:

    Update your blog! Slacker!

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