A look at the value of stats in WoD + Infusion of Light Musings



I have updated my healing spreadsheet to include Multistrike and Verastility.  I also have kept it up to date with the other changes we have seen (Holy Shock crit changes, day break changes, spell power scaling changes, EF changes).  I have also tried to assign a value to Infusion of Light procs (Holy Shock critical effects reduce the cast time of your next Holy Light, Divine Light, or Holy Radiance by 1.50 sec.).



Although it is neat it reduces the cast time by 1.5 sec it really does less because you reach GCD cap before you reduce the cast time by 1.5.  For example at 45% haste it reduces the cast time of Holy Radiance from 1.72 sec to the GCD cap of 1.03, so only 0.68 sec.  Still a HPS gain.

But with the current state of Alpha(WoD) healing rotations infusion of light is slightly more powerful because much of our healing is from direct heals and heals like EF and mastery shields have lost much of their potency (I think…).  Thus a buffed Holy Light at low haste levels is a pretty strong HPS gain in addition to the fact Holy Shock will scales doubly with crit now (Holy shock crit is critx2 not crit+25%).

Alpha Healing Spread Sheet - Infusion of Light Table

Alpha Healing Spread Sheet – Infusion of Light Table

First a Look at Infusion of Light:  In Alpha it provides a fair bonus in healing both when healing the beacon target for more HP and when spot raid healing.  But due to Holy Shock’s CD you either cast an extra HL per rotation or you sit and wait on HS’s CD.

Rotation options:  HS-HL-HL-HL or HS-HL-HL-wait

It actually looks better to sit and wait for HS’s CD to come up when you get a Infusion of Light proc rather than cast an extra heal because if you do you go 1.74 sec past the HS CD and if you wait you wait 0.43sec and can cast HS on CD.  Normal rotation has us 0.44sec past the HS CD.  It is a 3% loss in HPS to wait but 33% faster HP generation than casting the extra HL.

So for each Infusion of light proc you gain 8-14% more healing and when scaled to 1% crit and then doubled for the 2x Holy Shock crit multiplier we get a %healing gain of 0.29% to 0.5% for every 1% crit based on the infusion of light proc alone.

Since that is fairly significant, I took a look at live numbers to see if I have been undervaluing crit.  I took my Live Spread Sheet, updated it for 580 ilvl and over-healing on farm content from logs this week, and got new stat weights (10 man EF spec).  Also I calculated the HPS gain of our infusion of light procs with HR but we don’t benefit from critx2 using holy shock on live.  The numbers were interesting in part because farm content has shifted our stat weights a little and it does add to the value of crit, but not enough to ever pick it as our go to stat.

Live - 5.4 Stat Weights with Infusion of light - Farm content and over-healing at 580 ilvl

Live – 5.4 Stat Weights with Infusion of light – Farm content and over-healing at 580 ilvl

A look at Stats in WoD – Crit – Mastery – Haste – Versatility – Multisrike:

Using my Alpha healing work sheet, focusing on Beacon of Faith with Eternal Flame (healing beacon for HP and raid healing variations) I looked at our HPS and then added 5% to see how much HPS we gain.  I also was able to add the Infusion of Light HPS gain to the value of crit.  Results:

A look at HPS gains with the new stats - Unknown how much rating per 1% and their budgets.

A look at HPS gains with the new stats – Unknown how much rating per 1% and their budgets.

What stood out at me is Crit ends up being pretty strong and Mastery is weak but this is likely due to the fact I am figuring 0% over-healing which makes crit 100% effective and mastery works the reverse and although the shields aren’t big they have the relative lowest over-healing which boosts its value (snipe snipe snipe).  Versatility is pretty straight forward gain but I think the budget on it will be low (1% versatility might have the same budget as 2% crit).  Multistrike needs some love or it needs a higher budget (Class balancing will be interesting, might need spec by spec balancing like mastery).

The big x-factor with all of this will be how the new healing model pans out and what percent of raid healing will be over-healing, AoE healing, tank healing, shielding, and OOM’ing.

But for now a shift to crit, as crazy as that is, looks like the thing of the future (Blizz isn’t going to give us 5% more crit scaling for no reason).  I just hope it has more interactivity with our abilities than Infusion of Light.

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3 Responses to A look at the value of stats in WoD + Infusion of Light Musings

  1. Aluutu says:

    Hello fellow pally healers. While I usually don’t look @ changes this early (the beta isn’t even out yet) I would like to focus my reply to this great post with questions/concerns about gameplay more than specific stat weights.
    As I started playing a paladin healer several expansions ago, I remember when we were thought of little more than a buffing class. Over the years we cried and eventually recieved some much needed changes. Once we got as far as cata and actually got some AoE heal I find while significatly different than in earlier expansions, the gameplay was more dynamic and engaging. I didn’t really enjoy going into Icc and casting holy light 1500-2000 times. That was it, that was our rotation. Judge for the debuff, holy shock for an instant heal, and spam Holy light all night.
    I guess my point is: the more is released about paladin healing changes in the upcomming expansion, the more Im confused. They are changing Holy light and Divine light back to the way they used to be. I know its an over siplification but it really seems were being reverted back to end wrath/early cata and I dont want to. The gameplay was tired and boring. I don’t want to go back to endless holy light spamming. The only thing they have yet to “add” to the class in WoD is the concept of active mana regen. So when Im not spamming Holy light, Im using divine plea. Hardly the “fixing healing” & bringing “fun” back to the playstlye that I thought we would get when WoD was announcent and info started comming out.
    Again, this is purly from a playstyle point of view, not looking at stats, just how we will actually be healing, moving, regening. So far, the changes prosented to us for WoD as far as my holy paladin are bananas! Im not saying it wont work or they can’t balance it. I don’t want to go back to what we once were. Some of us begged blizzard for years and expansion to get some of things they are about to take away from us again.

  2. Adamselene says:

    Thanks for the update and analysis Bouch. It looks like our stats will be more balanced than they have been in the recent past. This is good since we won’t be able to reforge. I am concerned, however, about the tipping point in overhealing (as a percentage of total healing) where mastery overtakes Crit. Would it be too difficult to look at increasing steps of overhealing? 10%, 20%, 30% etc and see how that affects your stat weights?

    Have you considered the regen value of the Glyph of Illumination in WoD? If Crit is now a “good” stat for us and most pieces of gear will not have Spirit, then the penalty for GoI will be much less and the benefit will be higher.

    • bouchbagette says:

      I can take a look at how it changes with overhealing. I will just be guessing on a spell by spell basis. But will be interesting to see how it changes.

      I haven’t looked at Illumination yet because I don’t know what our base regen is and any idea how much spirit will scale. Going to have to wait for more information to even try taking a shot at it.

      With the new post about active mana regen I get the sense that mana is a non issue unless you want to use Flash of Light or Holy Radiance. So the question is how much regen do you need to use those spells and how much more healing do you get for it. I can see WoD starting as HL spam and ending as HR spam and that is our healing progression via gear.

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