Beta Raid Testing: Beastmaster Darmac

I got to test Beastlord Darmac on 7/31/14 on the Beta.  We went in with a half and half guild and pug group.  Had about an hour on the boss.  He is like an Iron Qon but he gains abilities every time you kill the beast he is riding.  Had a handful of decent attempts but not enough quality DPS to kill it.

I had raid tested Twins earlier in the week and I found out there mana would be an issue when using Flash of Light and Holy Radiance.  Thus I stayed away from them on the test.  My primary strategy was to heal a beacon target with Holy Light and use Holy Shock on raid/tanks on CD and then put out 3 Holy Power EF’s on tanks and people that needed it.  Lots of spamming the tank with hard cast heals.

Break down of one of our better attempts:

Fight Length:  5:38.  Log Link Here. 


Based on other logs I have seen 40k+ is great output (minus Druids).  But I am somewhat artificially high in that my overhealing was low due to under healing.  I have seen many logs with 50%+ overhealing which means either:

  • Raid groups are over-healing since it is Beta and they aren’t pushing the healing limits or worried about DPS checks.
  • The healing model of less over-healing/people not topped off isn’t tuned yet or not going to be tuned tightly.
Tank Healing Still High...

Tank Healing Still High…

Where My Healing Came From:  

Looks like our mastery is still very strong.  Very little over-healing and our primary source of healing.  Much of this is due to direct spam on the tanks and the amount of steady damage the fight had.  Based on the amount of damage our raid was consistently tanking it may just be a flattering fight for our mastery.

Beacon of Light (with Beacon of Faith rolled in) was huge healing.  This was with nearly all of my Holy Lights directly on a beacon target and thus diminishing the amount transferred.

Eternal Flame might look lower than expected but you have to add both the hot and the initial heal to be the full value of EF.  At a quick glance it would like it is less useful than Holy Light, but it was 50% more healing with 70% less casts.  Thus the name of the game is still get as many out as you can!.

T-90 Talents:  I did a poor job testing this and didn’t make it a priority, don’t read into it!

Mastery Healing Still High...

Mastery Healing Still High…


If you watch my mana bar you will see it slowly go down.  I used only 1 Flash of Light and 2 Holy Radiances on that attempt and I didn’t OOM but I started to get low after 6 minutes.  On another attempt I used Holy Radiance more liberally and I went OOM very quickly.  Once drained dry Holy Light-Holy Light-Holy Shock-Eternal Flame rotation wasn’t possible without OOM delay and running dry will lead to lost cast time.  Our cheapest rotation is still not mana neutral or positive.

Final Musings:

Hard casting Eternal Flame is still a shocker.  Even though GCD wise we are the same, the fact you can’t do little movements while casting EF, or even more awful, when using Holy Avenger, is very noticeable.  It is not an understatement to say our mobile healing has been crippled.  Without playing the other classes I can’t comment on how we compare, but our mobile healing is about zero.

Mana is okay with a Holy Light rotation only.  Use of Holy Radiance and Flash of Light is deadly to the mana pool.  Don’t expect to have a mana neutral rotation when you go dry.

How best to use Holy Light and Tower of Radiance?  I did not macro beacon swap for the attempts.  I left it on both tanks and forgot it.  Beacon has a 3 second CD that is shared with both beacons (Beacon of Faith).  This makes frequent beacon swaps a bit annoying as not all casts will be eligible.  So the question is, do you raid heal with Holy Light when people need it without the beacon swap, do you stick to beacon targets for more holy power generations and use EF for your raid healing, or do you macro beacon swap for both when available?  That is a question I hope to math soon.

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3 Responses to Beta Raid Testing: Beastmaster Darmac

  1. Makree says:

    Fun fight, i did pretty much the same numbers. Like you i didn’t switched the beacons. I usually HL beacons on tanks and HS / EF Raid.
    I don’t find the actual Holy paladin very funny, but it is not as bad as a lot of people say if we’re looking at the numbers. Yes we’re still in a early bêta raiding test phase .. so we’ll see later .. but at the moment, i’m not very enthusiastic with HPAL healing model.
    Thank you for all your maths and posts, i’m in a top french guild, and i really like your work, it helped me to build my WoD gameplay !

    • bouchbagette says:

      Glad you find the site helpful! Since I haven’t done much modeling for WoD yet I am just guessing at healing strategies. Numbers soon to show the way! I do have to say all the hard casting spells on the beacon is a little refreshing. Feels more like wrath/cata.

      • Makree says:

        The part that i don’t really like is that atm we are EF and Beacon of Faith seems mandotary… I can’t really think that any other choices would be efficient. I didn’t played that much @Cata, but yes the gameplay can feel like Wrath, wich is not bad. I just think that we’re not as efficient as we were at tank healing back then. I’m really looking forward to the next Raid testing, All the fights seems really fun ( not gruul ), and i can’t wait to test the Mythic … we’ll se if that less over-healing model will be possible.

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