Early Stat Weights and To Holy Light the Tank or the Raid, that is the true question!

After a bit more raid testing and a beta build that reduced the mana costs of our spells I have had a few questions I was pondering.

  • What are our estimated stat weights?
  • Building Holy Power by hitting the tank with Holy is the go to rotation, but what about raid healing?  What happens when I cast a Holy Light without generating a Holy Power?
  • How much spirit do I need now for HS-HL-HL-EF to be mana neutral?

Stat Weights:

Flame the Crit inc!

Flame the Crit inc!

Crit on top for secondary stats oh-my.  Why?  There are a few reasons.  The first is our rotation is HS-HL-HL-EF.  Lots of HL and it is slow.  When we get an Infusion of light proc we gain quite a bit of haste for cast and our rotation speeds up.  It is a pretty potent HPS increase now.  This only procs when we crit with Holy Shock.  Which benefits double from crit which we already get 5% more of.  Makes it scale decently.  In a land of less over-healing and larger health pools in relation to spell size, crit heals are less wasted.  It still has the unreliability it always had, but some of that is mitigated with our CD Avenging wrath that pretty much makes Holy Shock a guaranteed crit.  This will create a softcap effect, we will reach over 100% crit on Holy Shock, on crit for when we have Avenging Wrath up which will be 11% of the time.  Lifespark from Intplate writes more about this here.

How about the other stats?  Haste is still very strong, more haste, more Holy Light, more Holy Power, more Eternal Flame.  Downside is mana cost, but those got helped recently, more on that later.  Multistrike and Versatility are still the secondaries of the secondaries.  Intellect is still king and nearly double as strong as the next best stat.

To Holy Light the Tank or the Raid:

What I found when testing is that there would be long stretches of time when non tanks would be below 100% health and more damage was impending.  If you healed them you got no Holy Power.  Do this enough and suddenly you have only 1 Eternal Flames out instead of 3+.  Didn’t like the feel of that.  So I tried to take a look at the HPS loss by doing so.  Here is my table:

Nice and Gray Answer

Nice and Gray Answer

So basically we see the difference between a rotation of HL on tanks versus raid is a 20%+ loss in HPS.  But that loss is spread out over 6 holy lights.  Every HL not on a tank is a 3% loss in healing over specific period of time.  That makes it clear that HL not on the tank isn’t a great idea.  BUT! Healing isn’t just a rotation.  People can die.  AND.  Over-healing isn’t just a set number, it can be modified by your choice of target every time you cast a heal.  So.  If you were to only cast Holy Light you would do 14k HPS with 30% over-healing.  18k without any over-healing.  A 4k HPS difference.  So not only will spot healing with HL keep the raid alive better, it might be a trade up in HPS IF the over-healing is significantly different.  Clear as mud what to do right?  Ideally you spot heal with Holy Radiance on clumped targets and then you get holy power and you heal the raid.  Holy Radiance on 6 targets with low over-healing is 34k HPS by itself…  Oh the mana cost.

Changes in Mana Costs:

The cost of our rotation dropped a little.  And now we have a reduced spirit level to make our rotations mana neutral.  Here is an updated mini chart:

Looking more reasonable!

Looking more reasonable!

900 spirit is still high since we only get it on 4-6 items but 900 is much more manageable.  I have found Flash of Light and Holy Radiance to be huge boosts in HPS and the more we can use those the better we will be, will be nice to make the go to rotation neutral.  At least Denounce is free!

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2 Responses to Early Stat Weights and To Holy Light the Tank or the Raid, that is the true question!

  1. Jackinthegreen says:

    If things change again, could you also put a “healing per 100 rating” instead of or in addition to the healing per 1% stat? That way there’s another comparison for people too look at and get a better idea of how the stats are going.

  2. theguywhoposted says:

    Looks like the latest beta change has blizzard not wanting us to continue HL tank for HP as they removed that completely. What do you think the end game design goal is?

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